B&P USA supported FAEMA and their Art & Caffeine initiative in the opening of a one-month pop-up coffee shop in New Yorkโ€™s Lower East Side in efforts to expand the reputation and visibility of this praised Italian name in professional espresso machines. 

We created a clear communication strategy as to both grant media exposure to the project, but also foster peopleโ€™s awareness of the temporary coffee hub. Our efforts were aimed at challenging the boundaries of what people commonly associate with coffee by optimizing the experience inside the shop and transcribing it to an even wider target audience

We adopted a successful strategy that involved both traditional PR activities, landing in New York-centric publications such as amNY, Eater NY and invested in a cover wrap of a TimeOut NY magazine. 

In addition, we conducted a series of digital media/social media activities with the goal to amplify the resonation of the brand as much as possible. Maintaining a strong presence on social media also included the use of influencer engagement to secure increased visibility of the brand and their initiative.