PR & Social Media

We develop compelling and unique stories targeted around your needs, with the media in mind. Through a cross-platform approach, we’ll execute ways that will cultivate your brand and leave a mark on your target audience.

Well aware that a brand doesn’t really exist if not active on social media, we’ve outlined three plans that work to drive momentum and elevate your online presence around a strategy that’s unique to you. To secure exposure and meaningfully engage with your clientele, we also work closely with top-tier Influencers.

We’re here to tell your story. Let’s go live.


Creative Storytelling

We believe in you. That’s why we want to share your story to the public, and that starts with a strong visual presence that sets you apart.

We provide creative and diverse editorial content that is distinctive to your brand and effectively addresses your message.

We do this by creating optimal synergy between text, images and video content aimed at best positioning the excellences of Italy across the United States.


restaurant & retail openings

In today’s competitive dining scene, we know how challenging it can be to successfully share the opening of a new restaurant.

That’s why we provide a tailor-made, 90-day packet that guides you through the process of strategically promoting your business and create an on-going buzz that will best generate press coverage, thus boosting sales. By identifying local angles and conducting targeted outreach to media and influencers, our strategic pitching aims to create paramount visibility.

It’s all up from here.