Provide exceptional service while continuously developing creative and functional options that better meet the needs of the global food industry. That is the commitment of Bindi, the Italianleader of dessert who offers the largest range of menu solutions made available worldwide, exporting a variety of over 500 exceptional desserts to food service professionals in more than 60 countries.

Through years of innovation linked to constant investments in research and development, Bindi is able to offer manual attention to the art of pastry-making and provide the food service community with the best products in terms of quality and functionality.

With the implementation of a communication strategy aimed at the American market, helped Bindi continue to stand out among the rest.

Our activities launched in mid-2018 with the creation of social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram to stand as a sort of virtual catalog where our target audience can find visuals and info on all products. The goal is to expand the exposure of the company towards an increasingly larger American audience by stimulating consumption of products whilst educating the often-unaware consumer.

Our communication efforts aim to accurately convey the distinctive elements and authenticitybehind Bindi products offered to the American market and position the company in a way that represents how it has come to be known as the “world’s biggest pastry shop”. This is done by highlighting craftsmanship and attention to quality, and how Bindi is technologically advanced in its consolidated experience and structure, but also demonstrating the efficiency of the delivery service that has become synonymous with Bindi even in the United States.