B&P proudly supported a restaurant opening in Manhattan’s vibrant Lower East Side neighborhood with PR efforts. Chef Giovanni Barbieri who hails from Schio in the Veneto region, advocates for a future where the pizza we love is a treat for both the body and palette. He is among the next generation of chefs in Italy who carry forward the country’s culinary traditions with the understanding that even in Italy, everyone is looking for healthy options.

Though the selling point here is what you’re going to eat, the hospitality of the place sets it apart clearly. Barbieri loves to chat with customers about what makes biga pizza so unique and help them pick the perfect pizza for their liking.

We understood the need to position Barbieri’s BigA as NYC’s only biga dough pizzeria and also as a lighter, healthier pizza option in an authentically Italian, truly friendly atmosphere. We also recognized the brilliance of BigA’s multigrain crust and regular crust, which became a part of how we delivered our pitch of “Not your c(r)ustomary pizza.”

We were able to support his grand opening with press and influencer coverage, which included The New York Times, AM New York, Eater, Bloomberg, One Bite Pizza Reviews, Pizza Marketplace, Book of Eats and others. Notably, his Barstool Sports “One Bite” pizza review garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube and Instagram.