We created a communication strategy that was capable of successfully sharing news of the opening of Angelina Bakery’s first NYC location, involving traditional PR efforts and activity on social media, all of which led to a high level of engagement across all platforms.

Pitching the appropriate outlets by presenting Angelina’s distinctive elements such as convenient location, transparent laboratory, and benefits behind the rotating menu, we were able to land in key publications like The New York Times for their Four-Cheese Focaccia menu option claimed to be “so nice, you’ll eat it twice”, and on amNY with news of the opening.

This same strategy was used in how to best represent the client on both Instagram and Facebook where we worked with a top NYC photographer to create the aesthetic that best represented them and recalled their story.

In addition to this focused approach, we used influencer marketing to grant enhanced visibility and spread the word to the targeted online community. The combination of these efforts worked in making their presence known and in driving traffic through the door.